Revenge Recap: Renaissance

Revenge Renaissance photo


Revenge at its heart has always been a story about a woman trying to seek, well, revenge, and this time around, it’s never been more true. The only difference? It’s now Victoria’s turn. Let’s dig in!

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Revenge Recap: Execution



This is how you do a finale! On the last episode of the season for Revenge the writers pull out all the stops and one of the series biggest secrets was revealed. What was it? Let’s dig in! Continue reading

Revenge Recap: Revolution



The episode started with Victoria realizing more and more about Emily’s involvement in their lives. Her latest epiphany? That the incident on the boat during her and Daniel’s honeymoon was ultimately supposed to be her downfall, but luckily she had some other new to distract her: Pascal popped the question and good ‘ol Vicky Harper says yes. Let’s dig in! Continue reading

Revenge Recap: Allegiance



The episode started with Emily showing up at a horse race after being invited by Pascal. She thanks him for the invite, but basically gets confirmation that he is in fact siding with Victoria. The two, after exchanging unpleasant pleasantries, are interrupted when Victoria sees a blast from her past: a man named Luke. After seeing their altercation, Emily knows they have a history, but doesn’t recognize him from all her research (read: that one photo). But it turns out, he did have a role in the Grayson’s past: he has evidence against them for the murder of David Clarke. Continue reading