Revenge Recap: Execution



This is how you do a finale! On the last episode of the season for Revenge the writers pull out all the stops and one of the series biggest secrets was revealed. What was it? Let’s dig in! Continue reading

Revenge Recap: Revolution



The episode started with Victoria realizing more and more about Emily’s involvement in their lives. Her latest epiphany? That the incident on the boat during her and Daniel’s honeymoon was ultimately supposed to be her downfall, but luckily she had some other new to distract her: Pascal popped the question and good ‘ol Vicky Harper says yes. Let’s dig in! Continue reading

Revenge Recap: Allegiance



The episode started with Emily showing up at a horse race after being invited by Pascal. She thanks him for the invite, but basically gets confirmation that he is in fact siding with Victoria. The two, after exchanging unpleasant pleasantries, are interrupted when Victoria sees a blast from her past: a man named Luke. After seeing their altercation, Emily knows they have a history, but doesn’t recognize him from all her research (read: that one photo). But it turns out, he did have a role in the Grayson’s past: he has evidence against them for the murder of David Clarke. Continue reading

Revenge Recap: Endurance


The episode starts off with Emily letting us know she’s fully recovered– mentally. Her head is in such a better place that she’s decided to abort her plan entirely meaning she is no longer going to try and take down the Graysons — but does she change her mind? Let’s dig in.

The doctor believes that Emily will make a full recovery if they give her around the clock care. So who volunteers to be her nurse? Aiden’s former ‘something’ Nikko. She made a promise to Aiden that she would protect her, but it was actually her heart that needed protecting: she learned that Aiden and Emily are together.

Elsewhere, Daniel stops by The Stowaway to see Sarah and be all like, “Hey! I’m so sorry for making you want to kill yourself” but I’m glad you didn’t. Sarah is having none of that and yells at Daniel for being a typical Grayson and thinking everything was about him. She also at one point asks him point blank if he shot Emily and he tells her no. That Daniel is just so honest! The two are still arguing when Jack comes out and punches Daniel in the face. We’ve only waited three seasons for that, right?

When Emily finally comes to, she realizes that she has not only been discharged, but is now resting up at the Grayson Manor. Welcome home! She soon learns that Nikko is #TeamAiden and not #TeamGrayson and after looking at her tattoo realizes that she is Takeda’s daughter. Was getting a meaningful tattoo like initiation 101 in Revenge training or something? Either way, Nikko makes it clear that she’s doing this for her father since he always  thought so highly of her. So when she learns Emily’s intentions are to abort her plan  entirely, she punches her in the wound — to remind her what she’s fighting for. Emily letting it slip that she’s engaged to Aiden just happened to be a coincidence, right? Yeah, probably not.

After punching Daniel, Jack soon gets a visit from Margot who has finally finished her magazine article. But what does the headline read? Lydia Davis and her Hampton’s Revenge. You see, Margot wanted to hold on the article until she had all the facts, but Daniel let her know that if she didn’t act now, another publication would scoop the story a.k.a. he needs Margot to cover his tracks. But Jack knows the truth, and because this is Jack we’re talking about, he tells Margot that it was Daniel who shot Emily.

Back over at the Grayson’s, Patrick and Victoria are making plans to steal Emily’s infinity box. Patrick wants Victoria to trust him with the job, but she constantly refuses. He thinks he’ll be able to seduce Nolan enough to get his hands on it, so he develops a plan. Unfortunately for them Nikko overhears this plan and relays it to Emily. Emily’s reaction? Let them find it. Not very Emily Thorne-esque no?

So what will it take to get Emily back on track? A sit down with Victoria of course! She tells Emily that she wanted to wait until she was more fully recovered to tell her some results. Results that say because of the location of her wound and the damage done, she will never be able to bare children. So now the Grayson’s have taken her father, mother, best friend, and now she can add her future to the list. It’s officially safe to say the game is back on.

Patrick, however, proved himself victorious. He tried getting Nolan all liquored up, to which Nolan realized his motives. Nolan switched their drinks to water so neither would do ‘something they’d regret,’ but unfortunately Patrick didn’t care and knocked him out to steal the box.

Later, Emily walks into Victoria’s office and sees her rummaging through the box. Victoria  looks all smug as she finds bank statements, photographs, and articles, all laying out Emily’s plan to climb to Hampton socialite status — there is however, nothing about her true identity or her father. So how did she do it? Well, earlier in the episode Jack paid Em a visit with baby Carl and after giving her a stuffed animal, we learned that it was really a walk-talkie and that once again Nolan is the world’s best sidekick. He swapped out the contents of the box. The dream team is back, folks!

This was enough to push Emily into her decision. She decided to have a press conference and even though Conrad had told her that when she starts to remember what really happened to go to him first, she announced to the world that it was in fact Lydia who shot her; showing her ‘loyalty’ to Victoria and putting Daniel in a difficult spot. You know, since he really did do it and everything.

This news also didn’t go over well for Jack. Emily is clearly back on her mission and now it looks like he lied to Margot, thankfully she was very forgiving. Someone else who was forgiving was Nikko who despite raising questions about her father’s death  to Aiden, ended up making out with him in the exact spot that he died. Weird, but what’s more important to note is that Aiden isn’t cheating on Emily — ‘cause you can’t cheat on someone who you’re not with! Add him to the list of hearts Emily Thorne has officially broken.

The episode ends with Emily sitting down with Victoria and Daniel and treating their future like a business meeting. She makes it very clear that she knows it was Daniel that shot her, but that she is choosing to forgive. Basically she is making it clear that she is not going anywhere.

Some leftovers: were you shocked that Emily broke up with Aiden? What do you think Nolan is going to do to Patrick to retaliate? Do you trust Nikko? How will Conrad feel that Emily dropped that bomb?