Revenge Recap: Two Graves


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On Sunday we said #GoodbyeRevenge and all the characters we’ve grown to love and hate. But more importantly, we figured out who filled the episode-title ‘Two Graves’ let’s give in. Let’s dig in! Continue reading

Revenge Recap: Exposure

Sunday’s episode of #Revenge was one that felt more like a series finale, than a regular episode. The world dealt with the repercussions of Emily’s big reveal, and Emily adjusted to life as Amanda Clarke again. So let’s dig in. Continue reading

Revenge Recap: Bait

Revenge is back and there’s been yet another death while we were away: Edward Grayson a.k.a. Conrad’s father. So what does this mean for our friends in the Hamptons? Well, it means Victoria is about to come into some money. There’s only one problem. When meeting with Edward’s attorney we find out that he left his inheritance to his wife. Victoria thought his wife had died. Turns out she’s very much alive, and happens to be right in the Hamptons. So who is she? We’ve met her already! It’s Natalie Waters. The two meet over the will and duel it out as only socialites can: a blend of rudeness masked by politeness. 

While this is all happening, Emily and Ben are waking up from their fun in the sheets. They start to have awkward pillow talk and Ben tells them that they don’t have to talk about their pasts. So naturally they can think of something else to do besides talk. Ben’s suggestion. Smooth. Someone who isn’t ready to talk about it? Jack. He’s definitely leaving the force, and Ben is upset about losing his partner. Jack tells him not to worry because it looks like they’ll be seeing each other still. You know, since they’re hanging out with the same circles now. I feel Jack’s pain but it’s not like Ben broke #BroCode because nobody “knows” how Jack really feels about Emily. But it seems Jack is finally ready to change all that.

But before that happens, let’s check in with the Hampton’s favorite dynamic duo. Nolan gets some intel from Simone, an employee at Margot’s magazine, that Margot is ready to release the incriminating video. Well, we know that Nemily is not gonna let that happen. But this duo is about to have a new sidekick: a red headed bombshell. Nolan’s wifey Louise is ready to help them out, and Nolan is ready to let that happen. Before they embark on their mission though,  Jack wants to try to talk to Margot. After learning that the footage incriminates him too, he thinks he’ll be able to use his history with Margot (and the heart-to-heart they had last episode) to be able to remind her of the person he is. And it seemingly works. It helps that he brings baby Carl with him and tries to connect to Margot on the single parent level. But even though Carl gives her a handmade bracelet, that matches the one Jack is wearing, we see Margot get into the car with Simone and tell her that Jack is a good person, but he’s friends with the wrong people. We also learn that Simone has actually been still working for Margot the whole time. 

Cut to later in the episode when operation Em-possible is fully a go! We see Nolan monitoring the security cameras at Margot’s magazine HQ and Emily jump off a roof to scale the building and get inside. Casual. As the door bursts open to the room with the footage, Margot and the FBI are waiting. The only problem? It’s Louise who enters the room, and she’s looking for yoga, not to steal any video tapes. As she leaves the room, pony-tail swinging, Margot tries to prove what she was hoping to accomplish the whole time, only Nolan used that distraction to erase the footage in question. Annoyed, Margot stomps back to her office to find Emily waiting. Emily tells her that if she’s gonna come at her she’s got to learn to be a step ahead. Margot accuses her of thinking she’s invincible and Emily sets her straight real quick: not invincible, just better. Before she goes she tells Margot one more thing: nice bracelet. Then we watch as we see Margot put the pieces together: Jack was playing her the whole time.

In other plot developments: Victoria wants to take Natalie to court to prove that Natalie is really just a goldigger, but she needs a good lawyer. Luckiy for her, and unluckily for Louise, her brother is still in town and proves himself worthy. So the two are ready to take Natalie down. So what’s she been up to all episode? Striking up a bond with David Clarke after meeting him at the bar and chatting it up, about her dead husband’s inheritances. Great over-drinks conversation, no? She ends up agreeing to sell him a boat, which we assume David is going to give as a present to Jack since he shared earlier in the episode that he missed owning one. But will it be as his future son-in-law? If Jack has his way, you betcha.

That’s right! It finally happened. Jack headed over to Emily’s to give her a piece of sea glass he found on the beach, a hobby they shared when they were younger. He gives it to her and admits his timing sucks but he’s done being on the sidelines. “I’ve got one certainty in my life. Only one: it’s how I feel about you. It’s always been you.” Swoon. So what happens? Well, even though Emily is visibly moved by his speech,  she tells him their relationship is messy. Then even though Jack tells her that ‘life is messy,’ she says she can’t. He said he’s sorry to hear that, but he won’t wait around. And with that we were so close to finally seeing the moment we’ve been waiting for since Sammy ran into Emily’s arms in the first season.

Some leftovers: How do you feel about Jack and Emily not getting together? Do you trust Louise’s brother working with Victoria? What do you think is next on Margot’s agenda?

Revenge Recap: Kindred

The episodes started with Emily and Nolan setting up for the #LolanWedding. Seriously, take a minute an imagine the instagram photos on that hashtag. Anyways, Em has graciously opened her doors to host the ceremony for her BFF and his wifey’s extensive guestlist. Someone who was invited and shocking RSVPd Oui? Margot. Even though Louise tried to kill her once, so clearly lady has another agenda. Knowing this counts as a Hampton’s social event, do you really expect anything less?

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